is ideally suited to cover large and medium ground plans, for forming with or without crane, can be usedfor single face concreting


I vertical I

for realization of small to medium-size projects, crane-independent


I vertical I



 . strong connection with aligning clamp : 40 m2 surface area can be transferred in a single crane lift without additional bracings

. highest flexural strength due to 14cm-thick steel profile, permissible concrete pressure up to 80 kN/m2

. rational forming of large surface units

. consistently good concrete finish as a result of hot-dip galvanized steel frame and high-quality form linings


The panel range

An outstanding feature of MANTO is the diversity of its assortment of panels designed equally for small, medium-size and large ground plans.
A range with 30 different sizes standard panels.  All of them are mutually compatible – on end, on their sides, and with vertical or horizontal offsets.

There’s no predeterminated grid pattern that has to be adhered to when combining the panels. 


The aligning clamp

The easier the handling, the faster and less expensive the shuttering and stripping processes.  The design and versatility of the connectors are a key factor here. The basic MANTO connector is the single-piece aligning clamp.  Used horizontally and vertically for height extension, it creates a tight and tension- and vibration-resistant joint between 2 panels while aligning the panels flush at the same time.

Extra pin connections or stiffening is not necessary – not even if large-area units (up to 40m2) have to be moved by a crane.  The aligning clamp is fitted with the aid of a hammer.



The shuttering of columns and pad foundations is a straightforward and reliable task with MANTO.  Square and rectangular cross sections can be quickly realized with a minimum of components.  Depending on the configuration, concrete pressures up to 100Kn/m2 can be handled.


Column formwork with multipurpose panels

Multipurpose panels are noted for several rows of tie holes in the plywood and corresponding holes in the edge profiles. Consequently, they are easy to firmly join with just nut and bolts.  For columns with a maximum cross-section of 60 cm, only 2 supports are required up to a formwork height of 2.7 m.

Height-extended panels are connected with aligning clamps.


Column formwork with column frames

with the aid of column frames, column forms can be customized for extra-high concrete pressures.   Suitable plywood can be screwed or nailed as required onto the integrated timber strips. The frames are joined together with heavy-duty S-bolts and tie nuts.


Column formwork with column walers

With the column waler, MANTO panels without a special grid of holes can also be employed for the construction of column forms.  These are positioned on all 4 panels at the level of the tie holes and firmly joined together. This yields a continuous ring of walers capable of withstanding a concrete pressure of

80 kN/m2. Thanks to the adjustability of the individual column walers from 20 to 65 cm, a multitude of different cross sections is possible.


I vertical I




. Universal wall formwork system with the same connecting clamps for construction jobs from small to big


. Strong, tight and aligning connection of elements in just one work step due to the Rasto-clamp


. Crane-less forming due to the low weight of the panels


. Swift handling as well as an ergonomic manual transfer as a result of the integrated grip holes


. Longer service life due to the robust, hot-dip galvanized steel frame profile with 12 cm thickness








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